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Cutting the Cost of Selling Your Home

I've been told many times that this offer sounds too good to be true.  There must be a catch, a bait-and-switch, or a 'gotcha' somewhere.  I promise you that there are no 'gotchas'.  I put everything in writing so you will see exactly what you are paying to sell your house.

I'm David Maisch, a licensed real estate broker and owner of Zero Dollar Listings, and I will sell your house for no listing fees or listing commission.

This is not a discount or "flat-fee" limited service listing where you do all the work.  My team and I provide FULL SERVICE representation from pre-listing support all the way through closing the deal.

I started Zero Dollar Listings with two goals in mind:

•  Providing you great customer service

•  Saving you thousands of dollars when selling your house

As home prices continue to rise so do the costs of selling a house.  While every house is unique, the process to sell a house is the same for all.  Selling a home is about finding that one buyer who falls in love with a house so much that they are willing to spend their hard earned money to make that house their own.

I started Zero Dollar Listings in June, 2017 and in that time have helped many homeowners save thousands of dollars.  The process to sell a house is straight forward and doesn't change, so why should the owner of a $300,000 house pay 50% more in commissions than the owner of a $200,000 house?  The Realtor commission model is broken and we're not going to play by the old rules anymore.  Our goal is to save our clients as much money as possible when selling their house.  This is why we charge a $0 commission to sell your house.

You shouldn't have to choose between paying a 6% commission for full service representation or using a discount "flat-fee" company offering mediocre limited service.  With Zero Dollar Listings you can have great service from listing to closing, for less than those "flat-fee" companies.

David Maisch

Owner of Zero Dollar Listings